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Why Choose UOB HomeStar?
Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility

Interest saving

Interest saving

Reducing loan tenor

Reducing loan tenor

Which Profile Do You Belong?

The regular savers

  • You prefer to make regular savings for your loved ones and family.
  • The savings you’ve accumulated over time will go towards reducing your home finance tenor & interest payments.

The investors

  • You appreciate the flexibility to take control of your cash flow.
  • Tapping into market opportunities as and when they arise.
  • The savings you’ve deposited with UOB will go towards reducing your home finance tenor & interest payments.

How It Works

How UOB HomeStar can work for you?

The loan interest amount is calculated based on the net amount of deposit and loan.


At a glance

Promotional Interest Rate & Fees

UOB HomeStar

UOB HomeStar

Save up to 50% of the interest payment

Mortgage Rate

Mortgage Rate

to suit your needs interest rate starts from 2.85%/year

Bank Tariff - Post disbursement service

Bank Tariff - Post disbursement service

(*) Term and Conditions apply.
Interest rate quote on 365 days per annual basis and are subject to change from time to time.


HomeStar Calculator

With UOB HomeStar, you can easily find out how much interest you can save.

Mortgage Financed Projects

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This list is updated until May 2023.


This list is only for reference and subject to change from time to time. For detailed information, please contact our staffs or visit our branches.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Home Insurance Providers

List of Home Insurance Providers accepted by UOB Vietnam

Declaration Form

Declaration Form for Related Parties of Individual Customer


1. What types of housing loans are currently available?

Currently, UOB Vietnam ("UOBV" or the "Bank") is providing two main types of loans as follows:
1. Home Loan: The collateral is also purchasing house/apartment.
2. Loan Against Property (LAP): The collateral is real estate which is under your title and/or ownership of your relatives and the Loan is used for the purposes specified by UOBV and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

Loan amount will be reviewed and approved mainly based on income condition, other financial obligations and credit history of Customer. The maximum loan amount is up to 80% of the assessed value of the mortgaged property depending on the type of loan.

Up to 30 years for a home loan and up to 15 years for a LAP. However, the maximum loan term for each case  will depend on the age of the customer (the maximum age at the end of the loan contract is 65 years old depending on the type of customer).

Please access the link https://forms.uob.com.vn/eservices/pfs-en/mortgage/index.html and leave information or Please contact us at 1800 599 921 so that we can give you specific advice.

Fees that you'' to pay to the related parties will include:
1. Valuation Fee min around VND2mil (VAT not included and subject to independent valuer and the fee depending on the location of the collateral).
2. Other fees related to collateral registration/asset security transaction registration (depending on the independent service provider and the fee depending on the place of registration).
3. Notarization fees/fees/guarantee transaction registration according to the State's regulations.
4. Other fees. (If any)

Basic, customer need to provide legal documents, income documents, collateral and loan purpose documents. Other docs (if any) depends on each loan application.

Please visit the link https://forms.uob.com.vn/eservices/pfs-en/mortgage/index.html and leave information or Please contact us at 1800 599 921 so that we can give you specific advice.

Before having the Loan disbursed, you are required to buy fire/explosion insurance for your house/apartment with a minimum term of certain years. And during the remaining loan period, you must continuously maintain insurance as agreed in the contract. The insurance policy (in which UOB Vietnam is specified as the beneficiary) must be issued by one of the insurance companies accepted by UOBV according to the list uploaded on the website via the link https://www.uob.com.vn/personal-en/borrow/home-finance/private-home-loan.page

After you provide all documents required by the Bank, your application will go through basic steps including collateral valuation, credit appraisal, loan confirmation, notarization, registration of secured transactions and disbursement. During the processing of documents, the Bank staff will always accompany you and be ready to assist you in case of any problems.

Within 3 working days from the date when the Bank successfully collects the mortgage loan.

The value of your collateral will be assessed by a Valuation Company appointed by the Bank. To ensure independence and objectivity, the valuation company is randomly selected by the Bank and you cannot interfere in this selection process.

In case the customer has only 1 current account and 1 loan account at the Bank, the monthly installments will be automatically deducted from this current account.
In other cases, please refer to the instructions of the monthly debt reminder SMS message (Amount to be paid, Account number to be transferred in).

You can make early repayment (partial or full). Customer need to fulfill Early Repayment form and submit to Bank. The T&Cs for early repayment please refer to Facility Agreement. 

Depending on the number of overdue days, UOBV will classify your loan into different credit debt groups and report to the National Credit Information Center of Vietnam (CIC). This may impact to your credit prestige and cause the potential rejected/ low approval rate from UOBV or other banks.

Please refer to Facility Agreement. Besides, Every month UOBV will send SMS to the registered mobile phone number to remind about the debt repayment obligation (5 days before the due date) with the content: due date, amount to be paid, account number to transfer money in. Customers please prepare financial resources and make loan payments according to the information of this message.

Please contact Customer Contact Center or visit any nearest UOBV Branches for further assistance.

How to Apply

How to apply?

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