Application Forms

    To apply for any of the products or services in the table below, please click on 'Download Form' to print it out.


    Application Of New Account(s) & Service(s) (Individual) Download Form
    Corporate Account Opening - Main Section (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Corporate Account Opening - Supplements Section (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Mandate For Account Operating And Banking Transactions (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Application For Additional Account Opening (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Amendment Mandate For Account Operating And Banking Transactions (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Application For Updating Account Information (Non-Individual) Download Form
    UOB eAlerts Application Form (Non-Individual) Download Form
    UOB eAlerts Maintenance Form (Non-Individual) Download Form
    UOB Application Programming Interface Service Agreement Download Form
    UOB Application Programming Interface Registration Form Download Form
    2C2P Letter Download Form
    Application For UOB Debit Card (Individual) Download Form
    UOB Debit Card Replacement And Information Update Application (Individual) Download Form
    Savings Accounts
    Request For Placement Of Saving Deposit (Individual) Download Form
    Request For Fixed Deposit Withdrawal (Individual) Download Form
    Term Deposit Accounts
    Agreement On Term Deposit (Individual) Download Form
    Agreement On Term Deposit (Non-Individual) Download Form
    Request For Savings Deposit/Term Deposit Withdrawal Download Form
    Cash Withdrawal Slip Cum Foreign Currency Exchange Agreement Download Form
    Application for Remittances Download Form
    Application for UOB Business Internet Banking (Infinity) - Registration - Customise (Full) Download Form
    Infinity Standalone Resolution Download Form
    UOB Business Internet Banking Maintenance Form - Custom Download Form
    Documentary Trade
    Letter of Credit Issuance Application Form Download Form
    Letter of Credit Amendment Form
    B/L Endorsement Application Form
    AWB Endorsement Application Form
    Shipping Guarantee Application Form
    Handling Export Documents under LC
    Export Bills Collection
    Trust Receipt
    Banker’s Guarantee Application Form
    Banker’s Guarantee Amendment Form
    Advance Payment BG Template
    Performance/Payment/Warranty BG Template
    Bid Bond Template
    Shipping Guarantee Template
    Application Margin Deposit for LC
    Application Margin Deposit for Banker's Guarantee
    Third Party Banker's Guarantee using Margin Deposit 
    Transferable LC Application Form
    Open Account Financing
    Invoice Financing Request Download Form
    PO Financing Request
    Prepayment Request
    Rollover Request
    Agreement to Provide Bank Guarantee under MD
    Application Cum Agreement On Foreign Currency Trade Download Form
    General Request Form (Individual) Download Form
    Change of Address/Contact Details Form (Individual) Download Form