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    Protecting your finances is our priority.

Online Security

It’s safe to bank online with UOB. Enjoy the full convenience of secure online banking transactions with our multi-layered security programme. Learn more about how we keep your transactions safe.


SecurePlus token provides additional security authentication

UOB uses the SecurePlus token which uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You will be prompted to enter a unique One-Time Password which can be retrieved from your SecurePlus token for your online transactions.


Firewalls keep your account safe

Multiple levels of firewalls act as a barrier between the bank system and Internet to protect your account and personal information.


128-bit SSL encryption safeguards your transactions

We protect the confidentiality of your account details and transaction data. Our 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects your information as you complete your online transactions


Unique Username and Password protects your identity

Only by using your unique Username and Password can you log on to our secure website(s) to perform your transactions.


UniAlerts keeps you informed of your transactions

You can opt in to our UniAlerts service which provides SMS alerts for a wide range of banking transactions such as adding a new payee and online funds transfers made over a certain threshold.


Automatic Log Out prevents information theft

You will be logged out of your Internet banking session after a period of inactivity to ensure that your account and details are not compromised.

Top Security Tips

When it comes to keeping your account secure, your role as an online banking user is just as important as ours. You may consider adopting these best practices to keep your account safe.


Keep your password confidential at all times and do not divulge it to anyone.


UOB and our partners will never request for your password, PIN or One-Time-Password (OTP) over the phone, email or SMS.
Your password, PIN and OTP are private to you – Never reveal them to anyone.


Do not use personal information such as your telephone number, birth date or the like as your password as these will not make strong passwords.


Change your password regularly.


Change your password immediately if you suspect your account has been compromised.


Always use a mobile device or computer that you trust.


Always log out after an online banking session.


Always clear your cache after your online banking session before moving to another website.


Install and maintain the latest anti-virus software on your mobile device or computer.


Use operating systems and browsers that are up to date.


Type in the URL of UOB website directly into your browser.


Do not key in your username, password, mobile number or OTP into suspicious websites or mobile apps.


Check your statements regularly.


Contact the bank immediately when you suspect your account has been compromised.

Latest Online Threats

Online threats come in various forms and are constantly evolving. With a better understanding of the latest threats, you can stay well informed on how to keep your finances safe.

Security Alert: Malware "Dyreza"


A malware, Dyreza has been recently found spreading which may affect the legitimacy of banking websites. This malware is spread through phishing emails with malicious attachment.

When the said malicious attachment is opened, the malware infects the customers' computers or devices. Once customers' computers or devices are infected, the malware will attempt to steal the customers' login and authorisation credentials (such as User ID, Password, One Time Password) by altering the flow of logging on to the UOB website. After the first login page, it will show a message "We are currently processing your information, please wait...." which does not exist in the legitimate UOB website.

  • Prompt to input your login credential multiple times even if your supplied information is correct.
  • Sudden slowness in your computer and/or requests you to wait while the system is processing for an extended time.
  • Unusual logon/authorisation procedures and/or re-direct to the unfamiliar website.


  • Always protect your computer by using an anti-virus/anti-malware software and keep it updated with the latest anti-virus. Scan your computers regularly.
  • Do not download or open attachments in suspicious emails.
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails.
  • Avoid accessing unknown and unsecured websites.
  • If you suspect that your computer has been infected by malware, please scan your computer with latest anti-virus/anti-malware software and refrain from using banking websites until your computer is cleaned.
  • Check your last login and transaction history regularly for any abnormal transactions.


Mobile Security

Even as you enjoy the convenience of banking on the go, it’s important to keep your account safe. Read more about our security and privacy policies and how to safeguard your mobile banking activities today.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards. Protecting your information is our job, and we take it very seriously. Find out how we protect you or take a look at our security policies.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standard on privacy practices. We and our partners will never sell, rent or loan any personal information that you share with us.

We will never request for your password or PIN over the phone, email or SMS. Your password and PIN are private to you – Never reveal them to anyone.

SecurePlus Token


Enhanced Security

Enjoy banking with peace of mind with our SecurePlus token, your personal security device. It enables you to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) for both online and mobile banking transactions, and comes with Transaction Signing, a security feature that uses transaction-specific information to generate an OTP.






Add new payee


Change of personal particulars and address


Change of UniAlerts Subscriptions


Change of funds transfer, bill payment or remittance transaction limits


Change of One-time Password (OTP) settings


Transactions with amount higher than the OTP threshold

How to Use SecurePlus


Activate SecurePlus

You will need to activate your SecurePlus token before using it.

To activate:

  1. Login to UOB Personal Internet Banking or UOB Mighty
  2. Select Activate Now button
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to activate



Generating a One-time Password (OTP)

The SecurePlus token allows you to generate a secure One-time Password (OTP). This OTP is necessary for login and to perform selected UOB Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty transactions.

Generate OTP:

Press and hold  to generate a One-time Password

The  button icon design may differ for some tokens.


Transaction Signing

Transaction Signing uses transaction-specific information to generate an OTP, thus providing you with greater security.

Transaction Sign:

  1. Press and hold to begin
  2. Enter transaction-specific data using the keypad, as instructed on your internet banking screen
  3. Press and hold a second time to obtain OTP


The button icon design may differ for some tokens.