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Loan quantum

Up to 80% of the purchase price or the Bank's valuation (whichever is lower)

Terms and conditions apply


Attractive interest rates


Minimum paperwork


Fast processing and approval

(2 working days from receiving full requirements)


Quick disbursement of loan


A wide network of dealers

Interest Rate

The basic Auto Interest Rate (AIR) of UOB Vietnam is 11% p.a.(1) 

Floating rate
   First Year Second Year onwards
Early Prepayment Fee 2.00% 0%
Individual rate AIR (–) 1.0%
Non-individual rate AIR (–) 0.5%


Fixed Rate Package
Individual rate  First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year onwards 
Early Prepayment Fee 3.00% 2.00% 2.00% 1.00% 0.00%
Fixed 12 months 10.19% AIR + 1.49% AIR + 1.49% AIR + 1.49% AIR + 1.49%
Fixed 24 months 10.49% 10.49% AIR + 1.49% AIR + 1.49% AIR + 1.49%


Non-individual rate  First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
Early Prepayment Fee 3.00% 2.00% 2.00% 1.00% 0.00%
Fixed 12 months 10.69% AIR + 1.99% AIR + 1.99% AIR + 1.99% AIR + 1.99%
Fixed 24 months 10.99% 10.99% AIR + 1.99% AIR + 1.99% AIR + 1.99%

Fees & Requirements


  • Drawdown commitment fee: 2 Million VND
  • Early repayment fee: as stated in each interest rate package as above

Basic required documents


Corporate customer:

  1. Legal Documents:
    Business/Investment License & Company Charter, Stamp & Tax Code Registration
  2. Income Documents:
    Company’s Bank Statements (latest 6 months)

Individual customer:

  1. Legal Documents:
    ID Card, Residential Book & Marital Status Certificate
  2. Income Documents:
    Labour Contract, Bank Statement (latest 6 months) or certified Payslips (latest 6 months)


After you provide all documents required by the Bank, your application will go through basic steps including collateral valuation, credit appraisal, registration of secured transactions, collateral storing and disbursement. During the processing of documents, the Bank staff will always accompany you and be ready to assist you in case of any problems.

Please contact UOBV Contact Center at 1800599921 or visit any nearest UOBV Branches for assistance.

Before disbursing the Loan, you are required to buy auto insurance for the entire loan period, you must continuously maintain insurance as agreed in the contract. The insurance policy (in which UOBV is the beneficiary) must be issued by one of the insurance companies accepted by UOBV according to the attached list published on UOB's website via the following link: https://www.uob.com.vn/personal-en/borrow/auto-finance.page

UOBV is responsible for issuing one (01) original copy of Mortgage Receipt to the customer within no more than 07 working days from the date UOBV receives the certificate of vehicle registration for the case of issuance or from the date of receipt of the request of the mortgagor for the renewal or re-issuance of the Mortgage Receipt. The validity period of the mortgage receipt is max 3-6 months  depending on the validity period of the auto insurance policy of the utility vehicle being used for mortgage and the history of loan payment  at UOBV.

Customers can contact the Contact Center via Hotline 1800599921 or submit a request for renewal of mortgage receipts at any UOBV Branches. Documents to be prepared are: Car insurance contract (still valid), insurance payment invoice, request for extension of mortgage receipt.
After 03 working days after the Bank receives the complete application for mortgage receipt extension, the Customer is kindly requested to come directly to UOBV to receive the document. When visiting the Bank , please bring along the documents: valid ID/passport , letter of introduction (if any).

Customers can transfer money to your account at UOBV or conduct cash deposit at UOBV Branches. Please transfer/pay cash before 4:00 p.m on the due date to prevent the loan from being overdue.

In case the customer has only 1 currrent account and 1 loan account at the Bank, the monthly installments will be automatically deducted from this current account.
In other cases, please refer to the instructions of the monthly debt reminder SMS message (Amount to be paid, Account number to be transferred in).

You can still prepay the Loan. Customer need to submit the early repayment request at least 14 days before the prepayment date. Please contact UOBV's Contact centre at 1800599921 or UOBV Branches  for an early repayment form.

Max 3 working days after the full payment, customers will receive the certificate of vehicle registration. Contact Center staff will advise customers about the details of the process.

Max 3 working days after the full repayment, UOBV will de-register collateral at NRAST and return your certificate of vehicle registration.

How to Apply

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