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Up to 200% sum assured + Bonus

Critical illness benefit

Up to 300% sum assured + Bonus

Death Benefit

Waive premium upon diagnosis of critical illness

Waiver of premium benefit

Receive 30% Sum Assured at age 65

Cash benefit

Product Details

Premium term Entry age 15-50: 15 years
Entry age 51-60: 65 - entry age
Policy term Up to age 75
Entry age 15-60 years old
Cash benefit 30% sum assured at policy anniversary date right after life assured reaches age 65
Maturity benefit Up to 200% sum assured + Reversionary Bonuses and Terminal bonus (if any) - benefits paid
TPD benefit

Part of Critical Illness Benefit

Death benefit Up to 300% sum assured + Reversionary Bonuses and Terminal bonus (if any) - benefits Death benefit paid
Critical Illness Benefit

Multiple pay for Critical Illness: up to 200% sum assured + Reversionary Bonuses and Terminal bonus (if any)
● 1st Early Stage Critical Illness benefit: 30% sum assured
● 2nd Early Stage Critical illness benefit: 30% sum assured

● 1st Late Stage Critical Illness benefit: up to 100% sum assured
● 2nd Late Stage Critical illness benefit: 200% sum assured + bonuses - benefits paid


 1. Payable up to 200% SA for 72 cancer and CI conditions

  • Multiple financial supports if unfortunately Life Assured (LA) suffers from cancer and CI conditions, especially from early stage.
  • Waive future premium after the first late stage CI benefit claim has been approved by Prudential. Besides, protection and savings benefits still remain for the remaining policy term

Early stage Cancer and CI (1)

25 CI conditions

Late stage Cancer and CI

47 CI Conditions

Diagnosed 1st Cancer/CI

30% SA

Diagnosed 2nd Cancer/CI

30% SA

Diagnosed 1st Cancer/CI

100% SA(2)

Waive premium(3)

Diagnosed 2nd Cancer/CI(4)

200% SA + bonuses(5) - benefits paid

 Maximum total Cancer and CI benefit: 200% SA + bonuses(6)

2. Payable up to 300% SA in case death happens
You are ensured that your family will receive the financial support in case LA dies.   

200% SA + bonuses(5) - benefits paid + 100% SA if death due to accidents


3. Cash benefit of 30% SA at age 65

Cash benefit is paid at retired age to realize your personal plans.

The total guaranteed benefit of PRU - Safe is capped at 200% SA, additional 100% SA is payable in case of accidental death(6)

(1) Early stage cancer/CI claims are payable twice provided the 2nd Early stage cancer/CI condition belongs to CI group different from the group of the 1st Early stage cancer/CI condition (according to the CI list stipulated in Terms and Conditions). The total Early stage cancer/CI benefit payable per illness for all policies of each LA is not more than VND 500 million.
(2)If Early stage cancer/CI paid is in the same CI group with the 1st Late stage cancer/CI (according to the CI list stipulated in Terms and Conditions), Early stage cancer/CI benefit will be deducted from the 1st Late stage cancer/CI benefit.
 (3)Waive future premium of the main product only. Policyholders are required to continue paying premiums for riders (if any), to keep them in-force.
 (4)The 2nd Late stage cancer/CI must belong to CI group different from the group of the 1st Late stage cancer/CI and must be diagnosed after 12 months from the date when the 1st Late stage cancer/CI is diagnosed. Policy terminates right after the 2nd Late stage cancer/CI benefit is approved by Prudential.
 (5)Bonuses mentioned including Reversionary Bonus (RB) and Terminal Bonus (TB) are the share of profits (non-guaranteed) of Participating fund, in which RB is the bonus declared annually (if any), and TB is the bonus paid when 2nd LSCI benefit, or death benefit, or maturity benefit is paid.
 (6)The benefit applies on death which is happened within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of accident.
Terms and Conditions apply, click here
All of features and insurance benefits presented hereunder are of summarized nature and for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please carefully study the terms and conditions to master your benefits and products’ features. This plan is underwritten by Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Limited. United Overseas Bank (Vietnam) Limited shall not bear any responsibility or liability for the plan or the products and services offered by Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Limited.

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