Luxury apartments with deluxe swimming pools, what’s the key criteria you are seeking?

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We identified the most important criteria for finding an ideal swimming pool in some of the country’s most outstanding apartment projects in Vietnam.


As living standards in Vietnam have steadily improved in recent years, an apartment has gradually become more than just a simple dwelling place. Nowadays, more Vietnamese people are in a position to purchase a luxury apartment in an exclusive community, where they can enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.

At premium apartment projects, additional amenities are often a huge part of the attraction. One of the key design features at many luxury apartment blocks is always the swimming pool. With the right design, a stunning swimming pool can really elevate the appearance of a residential area – that is why they are always highly visible in all marketing materials. In many cases, the swimming pool can even be the determining factor for prospective apartment owners searching for their dream home.


The best of the best…

For that reason, we decided to round up some of the most beautifully designed swimming pools in the country and look more closely at what sets them apart. First we looked at the size of swimming pools.

Once a common swimming pool in a residential project in Vietnam could be no more 200 square metres. Nowadays developers have much more room to play with and the average size of a swimming pool for premium projects has risen to 500 square metres.

The stunning new residential project, Gia Hoa – The Art Apartment, which strives to be a ‘resort in the city’ recently broke the record for largest swimming pool area in Ho Chi Minh City. The Anh Vien swimming pool (named after Vietnamese swimmer Vien Anh Thi Nguyen) is 70 metres long and covers a total area of 1,800square metres.

Undoubtedly a larger pool will better accommodate the needs and expectations of residents in a luxury community. Smaller swimming pools in low budget projects will often be overcrowded, especially during weekends and on national holidays. A pool in a premium project is also more likely to have a superior depth and design. For serious adult swimmers, a pool should be at least two metres deep and 50 metres long.

Of course, if you have children, your criteria might be different. Children and teenagers are often the most frequent users of swimming pools in a residential area, especially during the hot season, after school and on weekends. A swimming pool specifically designed for children should have a gradually increasing depth from 0.3m to 1.2m and no sharp corners.

Estella Heights, invested by Keppel Land, is one of the few apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City that has invested in five different sizes of swimming pools to meet all needs of the community’s residents..


Natural scenery

Natural scenery is another crucial factor for ensuring an appealing aesthetic and good ventilation of a swimming pool area. Well-placed and consistent greenery surrounding the pool will block out wind, dust and noise while creating a relaxing and calming ambience around the swimming area.

The minimum green coverage for a well-protected swimming pool should be 30% of its size (according to the National Standard for designing public swimming). Trees planted must be less deciduous and should not produce toxic sap to ensure a hygienic and safe environment for local residents.

Not only famous for the number of swimming pools, Estella Heights is also a leading example when it comes to investing in green living spaces. With more than 71.5% of the project area covered in greenery, according to the investor’s official statistics, its swimming pool truly feels like an oasis in the middle of the city.

Ensuring clean, clear water

A premium pool should not only be beautifully designed, but also meet all the latest technical requirements regarding the filtering and treatment of water and feature a system that monitors the pool water temperature.

An international standard water-treatment system must ensure two factors: circulation and automation. A state-of-the-art system with the latest treatment technology will guarantee the cleanliness and sterilisation of water, which will better protect the swimmer’s health. Of course, a premium pool is much more aesthetically appealing when the waters are clean, clear and inviting.

A leading example for this is Anh Vien swimming pool at Gia Hoa - The Art Apartment. Besides creating a vast pool area, the investor also installed the most modern water treatment system. The pool is completely devoid of any chemical cleaning agents to ensure swimmers’ skin, eyes and ears are well-protected.

While the swimming temperature may not sound like that big of an issue, it can greatly affect the resident’s pool experience. Apartment project residents using many outdoor swimming pools often complain about a pool’s cold temperature. This puts residents off swimming as they worry it can increase the risk of illness, especially for children. Therefore, a premium apartment project should be equipped with a quality temperature-monitoring system to maintain a suitable water temperature throughout the seasons, so residents of all ages can swim, even on cold evenings.


Design and Location

The shape of a high-grade pool isn’t just about size. The design and location of a pool can be used to demonstrate the sophistication and prestige of a project. A beautifully designed swimming pool should be classy, well-equipped, well- ventilated and located in a scenic place so you can have a high-end resort experience right at your home. This will be hugely appealing for prospective apartment buyers.

One of the best examples of a classy pool in a sublime setting is the ‘pool on the sky’ at Riverside Residence. Developed by Phu My Hung in District 7, the pool boasts a million-dollar river view with relaxing scenery and an endless skyline.

It makes sense that swimming pools in apartment blocks are usually located on lower floors for ease of design and maintenance. But premium apartment projects can be more ambitious. They can command prime locations on rivers, or even elevate the outdoor swimming pool experience by placing it on higher floors, so their residents can enjoy higher and wider views of the city.

Another highlight of Riverside Residence’s swimming pool are the soothing curves that give the appearance of a flowing river. This design feature helps give residents a wonderfully relaxing feeling, as if they are amidst nature.

To build a uniquely shaped swimming pool is not necessarily easy. To breakaway from the standard rectangular shape requires cutting-edge skills in construction, installation and operation. So an apartment project that can deliver on its promise to create the ultimate facility is worth your investment.

What’s your criteria?

So what do you consider to be the most important design feature of a swimming pool? What utility or unique quality would sway you when buying an apartment? Share your opinions with UOB and please feel free to tell us about any other great swimming pools in apartment projects that you have heard about.

UOB believes choosing a dream living space with all the necessary facilities is no longer out of reach. But don’t forget to look before you leap into the swimming pool! Check out all the facilities in person before making the final decision.


Tran Thi Hang, Vice President of Import & Export

With the high demand of living standards, my criteria for choosing an ideal house. I am also interested in utilities residents such as infinity swimming pool, gym, park, supermarket, shopping center. So the high-end apartment projects that have enough citizen facilities and official documents is my top selection.

Nguyen Thanh Nam, Master Degree

The green space is now almost replaced by buildings, so it is necessary to have apartments with swimming pool facilities and greenery arranged in accordance with the space. It will be an ideal home chosen by many people.

Ha Hong Mai, Head of Human Resources

These visuals are quite impressive and attractive. This is an ideal living environment. By the way. How is the pricing? Does UOB have a finance solution for these apartment projects? 

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All references to swimming pool design specifications in the article come from the National Standard TCVN 4260:2012 for sport constructions, including pools for competitive swimming, leisure pools and pools suitable for children.