• Covid-19 safety measuresCovid-19 safety measures





    COVID-19 safety measures

In caring for the health and safety of our customers and colleagues, visitors will need to complete these safety measures before entering to branch/service center.

Show that you are at least vaccinated with 1 dose of vaccine with more than 14 days, or show that you have recovered from Covid-19 within 6 months by:

a. Present your application (PC-Covid, VNeID, So Suc Khoe Dien Tu) and/or

b. Present your relevant certificates as prescribed by law


Scan QR code to check-in via your application.

Temperature to be taken prior to entry. We will decline visitation if temperature is 37.5 degrees or more.

Clean your hands with hand sanitizer.

Wear face mask at all times.

Keep a distance of 2 meters between individuals.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

Yours sincerely,
UOB Vietnam