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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Protect and ensure your business continuity by managing the key risks.

The biggest risks are the ones you can manage

Keyman Protection

Keyman Protection

Enable business continuity and longevity.

Business Loan Protection

Business Loan Protection

Insure partners and personal estate from credit obligations.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Build and leave a lasting legacy to ensure your business, loved ones and their next generation are provided for.

Ready to protect your business?

Ready to protect your business?

    Frequently asked questions

    Additional Info

    1 Loss refers to Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and/or Terminal Illness (TI). Please refer to the policy contract for the specific coverage under the policy.

    2 Compensation refers to the sum assured stated in the policy contract issued by Prudential Insurance Vietnam Co. Ltd.

    3 Applies to companies with sole directorship or guarantor(s) of the company/partner(s) of a partnership.

    4 Insurance payout may not fully repay the outstanding loan.

    5 Shareholders of the company.

    6 Insurance payout may not be sufficient for share buy/sell arrangements in the event of Death or Terminal Illness.

    It safeguards your business against any loss1 of key personnel. The compensation issued can help to ensure business continuity and sustainability.

    A Business Loan Protection protects the life insured's personal estate3 and business partners from any credit obligations in the events of an unexpected loss.

    Specifically, the payout could help to repay the outstanding loan4, either in part or in full depending on the sum assured. It could also potentially protect the life insured's personal estate that was pledged as collateral for the outstanding loan.

    The sum of compensation stated in the insurance policy contract will be issued by Prudential Insurance Vietnam Co. Ltd

    An early termination could potentially involve paying high costs and any surrender value payable (if applicable). 

    All of features and insurance benefits presented hereunder are of summarized nature and for reference only. All features and conditions thereof shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please carefully study the terms and conditions to master your benefits and products’ features. This plan is underwritten by Prudential Insurance Vietnam Co. Ltd.

    United Overseas Bank (Vietnam) Limited shall not bear any responsibility or liability for the plan or the products and services offered by Prudential Insurance Vietnam Co. Ltd.

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